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Spring! Tried another face of..him...Painter 2015 standing alone Lying Patiently in Wait Angel eyes
Michael Williams

Tried another face of..him...Painter 2015
Martina Arend

standing alone
jordan dill

Lying Patiently in Wait
Michael Williams

Angel eyes
Bill MacKnight

BreakDance conseption artistique Sweet expression.. Another abstract, colorful work, done in Painter 2015 Chief By The Creek
jc piquet

conseption artistique
Alberto Guillen

Sweet expression..
Richard Ramsey

Another abstract, colorful work, done in Painter 2015
Martina Arend

Chief By The Creek
Michael David

Gardenia Summer Dream..., Painter 2015 Salma Hayek Parrot in Oil Paints Tiger...done in Painter 2015
Carlos Castaneda

Summer Dream..., Painter 2015
Martina Arend

Salma Hayek
Michael Williams

Parrot in Oil Paints
Michael David

Tiger...done in Painter 2015
Martina Arend

Indonesian Performer Angelina Jolie smile Fairy-Fantasy Painter 2015 Common Redshank
Indonesian Performer
Michael Williams

Angelina Jolie
Michael Williams

Carlos Castaneda

Fairy-Fantasy Painter 2015
Martina Arend

Common Redshank
Annemie Weverbergh

for Feng-sui lovers ah, dear mirror Inspecting the Catch Princess Charlene of Monaco On Top of the Hill
for Feng-sui lovers
Satheesan K. R.

ah, dear mirror
jordan dill

Inspecting the Catch
Michael Williams

Princess Charlene of Monaco
Michael Williams

On Top of the Hill
Michael Williams

Swiss Autumn Pure beauty King of the Sky Bird of paradise Goldie Locks
Swiss Autumn
Michael Williams

Pure beauty
Bill MacKnight

King of the Sky
Bill MacKnight

Bird of paradise
Bill MacKnight

Goldie Locks
Bill MacKnight

And riding Shot Gun. Lauren Outlander..Jamie Fraser Time, Painter 2015 Hutmacher....
And riding Shot Gun.
Clark Fitch

Bill MacKnight

Outlander..Jamie Fraser
Martina Arend

Time, Painter 2015
Martina Arend

Martina Arend

skulk sprig with butterflies ardente Northern Gannet Summer Feeling
jordan dill

sprig with butterflies
jordan dill

Alberto Guillen

Northern Gannet
Annemie Weverbergh

Summer Feeling
Annemie Weverbergh

Girl with Hat Good Boy Lounging On the Divan Girl Dancing On Beach No Words
Girl with Hat
Carmen Mazza

Good Boy
Kim Bishop

Lounging On the Divan
Kim Bishop

Girl Dancing On Beach
Kim Bishop

No Words
Michael Williams

Canyon Wall Gentle Expression The Rock Forever...Sassenach, Outlander, done in Painter 2015 At the Stream in Oil Paints
Canyon Wall
Michael Williams

Gentle Expression
Richard Ramsey

The Rock
Jocelyn Robert

Forever...Sassenach, Outlander, done in Painter 2015
Martina Arend

At the Stream in Oil Paints
Michael David