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Member : Patrick Matthews
Picture Name : Anathema


Anathemis, so named for the hatred that people feel for her and her race. Hunted like wild animals by keepers of the myth, a species close to the edge of extinction. Elders would have you believe her and her kind to be mythical, urban legends or none existent....but they live, they roam and they feed.

This image has taken about 15 hrs to create. A lesson in depth and colour manipulation from start to finish.

All c & c welcome.

Number of views: 1296
Number of comments: 10
Picture rating: 5.00 Gold award for a rating of 4.7 or above

Number of face-offs: 193
Wins: 19.17%
Runner-up: 26.94%
Draws: 53.89%
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RT says:

The stuff nightmares are made off. Excellent painting.

Posted 112 months ago

dc-nightshade says:

I love everything about this picture. It's wonderfully dark (in a psychological sense), and the composition is fantastic. I love the texture of her skin - the veins are so visible that it almost looks like marble, and you can really feel the ingrained dirt. Nice little background story too!

Posted 112 months ago

Stan says:

...phew, breathtaking!!! DC is dead on with his overview. The total package is winner and one of the strongest works added this week.

Posted 112 months ago

Junk says:

Fantastic painting with stunning details. I hope I can get it out of my mind before nightfall.

Posted 112 months ago

ZenR says:

All of your comments are appreciated and thanks for taking the time to do so.

Posted 112 months ago

jason clark says:

wow I diden"t see this image last time! A really powerful image and so life like! and only 15 hours! the back ground also is a great touch! looks like a movie shot! thanks for the info ill get to work on the background thank you. what tools in painter do you use to create your images?

Posted 112 months ago

Chelsie says:

This is awesome work.. Scary!

Posted 110 months ago

chevvyf1 says:

A "female" version of the Grim Reaper ?

Posted 98 months ago