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Member : Nick Harris
Picture Name : Dragon Web

Dragon Web

An illustration done for the Templar book - Drake's Comprehensive Compendium of Dragonology (A J Wood) - ISBN 978 1 84011 644 1 (

Templar control all copyright of course.


Illustrated with tons of excellent work by Douglas Carrel and Tomislav Tomic, I had to adapt my style to fit in with their established look.  Great fun to be a part of.


Totally Sketchbook Pro 2010

Number of views: 1130
Number of comments: 4
Picture rating: 5.00 Gold award for a rating of 4.7 or above

Number of face-offs: 146
Wins: 22.60%
Runner-up: 15.75%
Draws: 61.64%
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Stan says:

..this has to be one of your own faves Nick! Your always inspirational with your edge in the sketching of your fantasy art sir. Man, what talent you've been given, and have developed.

Posted 95 months ago

Kari says:

Nick: Very well done, nice image. Terrific creativity here.

Posted 95 months ago

FranklinAyers says:

cool image Nick. Dragons a re awesome!

Posted 94 months ago

RT says:

What a wonderful way to earn a living, this is a stunning illustration.

Posted 94 months ago